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XNE Financial Advising, LLC
X-Scape to Financial Freedom
Tax Preparation
In addition to general tax preparation and filing for businesses, it is also important to have a tax professional who can assist your company year-round to prevent shortfalls. This guidance can add meaningful value to your business when it is time to file. Owing taxes at the end of the year is not unusual for most businesses, but not knowing how much is needed until taxes have been filed can create financial devastation.
Free Small Business Consultation
FREE -- we all love the word, but very few businesses offer anything truly free. At XNE Financial Advising, LLC, we mean it! We offer all owners of small to medium-sized business's a FREE consultation regarding their business, current state of affairs and goals needed to achieve a financially sound and well-managed business. By creating a detailed road-map to assist with achieving your required business goals, we answer all your questions of why we should be your choice for financial advising. Our duty as a financial advisor is to provide sound financial consulting services to business owners and presidents of small and medium-sized firms who want to maximize their companies cash flow and profitability.
Profit & Loss Statements
Curious about the profitability of your business? We can provide your business with very quick and accurate P&L reports (one, two, or three months, etc.) that incorporate various income statement analyses (key metrics used to measure profitability in your industry). You can also use this service for one-time needs, such as showings for possible bids, grants, and certification requirements.
Small Business Cash Flow Management
We provide you, the small business owner, with the personal time and attention that you expect and deserve. In managing your business's financial matters, we provide everything mentioned above and more. We also have tools that will save you time with record-keeping and administration while at the same time making sure your records are organized and complete, using a system that converts all your receipts into digital format and summarizes your finances through electronic reports (unlike paper records, no deterioration and easily accessible). Our other small business services include:

  • Budgeting; Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet Statements)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Break-even Analysis; Profitability Analysis

We'll also ensure that your business is tax compliant and meets all filing and payment deadlines. If you manage a payroll, we make sure your employees are paid and deductions are calculated accurately and remitted. Our experience with revenue trends and their seasonality allows us to help you anticipate possible cash flow issues and budget for the worst to avoid any strain on your business operations. The end goal is simple: To enable you to spend more time GROWING your business while having the peace of mind that your advisor has your business covered.