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XNE Financial Advising, LLC
X-Scape to Financial Freedom
Debt Analysis
To help raise your credit score as high as possible so you’ll qualify for the very best interest rate possible when applying for credit. A stronger credit score means less interest you pay to borrow money which leaves more money for you to save or spend. This service includes gathering credit reports from the three major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) and analyzing your debt obligations, collections/court collections (if any), we’ll look for accounts that may be paid off but still show balances, and any fraudulent activity. We’ll also walk you through the process to dispute any information that does not belong on your credit report as well as new settlement amounts on existing collection accounts.
Services for Individuals
Let's develop a simple and user-friendly financial plan that appropriately allocates your future personal income toward expenses, savings, and debt repayment, allowing the plan to reflect to your financial needs. Our detailed financial analysis examines the financial history and present state of our client's assets and suggests exactly what steps the client should take in the future to meet goals.
Budget Creation (12-Months)
A budget can help you eliminate wasteful spending, provide a road-map through visual accountability of dollars to be spent, reduce overall stress and accelerate financial goals. We’ll create your personal budget (using Microsoft Excel) according to your pay schedule and tailored to your financial obligations and personal lifestyle. The finished budget includes all of your monthly obligations, saving goals, and debt pay-down assumptions, allowing you to clearly see the time frame for paying off all debts (including current, outstanding, and collection).
Tax Analysis
If you are overpaying your taxes, you are providing the government with an interest-free loan! Our tax analysis provides the information required to make the appropriate changes with your federal and state exemptions to ensure you maximize your available take-home pay. If you owed taxes last year or received a large refund, you may want to adjust your tax withholding. Owing tax at the end of the year could result in penalties being assessed. On the other end, if you received a large refund, you lost out on having that money in your pocket throughout the year. Changing jobs, getting married or divorced, buying a home, or having children can all affect your tax calculations.
Budget Management
A properly managed budget enables you to enjoy life and live worry-free. To help you get there, our budget management service includes streamlined bill payment (setting up an account with a bank or credit union if you don’t have one already) and an account credential document (so you will never lose or have to write down your usernames or passwords in an unsecured place). We set up your bank account to perform the online banking services for Web-based bill pay, which saves you time, postage, and the hassle and expense of money orders. This automation ensures that you never pay a bill late, saves you time in dealing with your bills every month, and keeps a paper-trial of amounts paid to billers in case of a dispute. Every payday, you will receive an email or text message outlining which bills have been paid, how much has been transferred into your savings account, and your available balance for personal spending.